Differential Employee Handbook

People are everything.

We know that this company, our products, services, and livelihood are nothing without great people. We take care of our employees the best we can. We may not be the top offer you could get, but we fairly compensate our team and firmly believe that pay should not be the reason you come to (and stay with) Differential.

Culture matters.

A lot. This is something we talk about regularly and over-invest in relative to our size. You are talented. You are valued. You are sought-after. Also, life is too dang short not to love what you do. We know all of this and understand that we must create a great place to work. But, you are responsible for helping us continuously improve, so we are always open to suggestions. We are dedicated to being available and attentively listening to you.

We care about the work.

We're not sure if we'll ever get a chance to work on curing cancer (but who knows, we'd put money on software eventually playing a significant role!), and not every project will change the world, but we use "meaningful ideas" from our mission statement when evaluating new opportunities. We want to build stuff that matters beyond profit (both for us and our clients).

We care about you.

If you make the effort to work hard, respect our team, clients, and process, and things don't work out for whatever reason, our partners will do whatever we can to support you beyond Differential. In fact, this is why we have created the Differential Alumni Network.