Side Work


As with many agencies — and especially development agencies — you might be approached and asked to do side work outside of Differential. Here's how we expect you to handle those opportunities as they come up. When in doubt, ask HR.

What is Side Work?

Side work can come in many forms, but in general it is anything for which you are using your skills and talents that doesn't directly benefit the company. Side work will take some of your time, attention, and talents away from Differential.

Some examples of side work include:

Who qualifies for side work (specifically freelance projects)?

We actually highly encourage taking part in passion, community, or personal-improvement projects. They provide benefits to individuals, and in many cases those benefits carry through to Differential. Freelance work, however, is a bit different. While anyone can technically take on side work, the expectations would be that they are reserved for the more senior employees of Differential. If you are not at the top of your Career Path, there should be enough growth opportunities at Differential to keep your full attention.

What are the expectations if you engage in side work?

Who You Should Talk To

Talk about it with HR to ensure there isn't a conflict of interest and to let them know about the side work. This conversation should take place as soon as possible (ideally before you take on a side project).


This policy may change in the future as we evaluate if side projects interfere with the business in a meaningful way. We are taking the approach of treating everyone as adults who can make good decisions about what is acceptable and unacceptable related to side projects. We believe we have an incredibly free and flexible culture, and would like to continue that in the future.